Listening alone cannot help. There are certain simple techniques, but very powerful and effective way in helping adults and students overcome their challenges in life.


This is Nagaraj Positive, one and only multifaceted multi talented speciality from Kerala which is the only `Gods own Country` of the World. Nagaraj Positive who is born and brought up at Kollam , a beautiful landscape in Kerala which is near Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala which is in India.

Our Departments

Department of Astro Numerology & Other Predictions

Astrology, Numerology and Other Predictions are practiced from ancient times. Nagaraj Positive’s stuies are very simple and practical. Knowing oneself according to their exact date of birth may help a person in building their personality to a successful life. Read More >>

Department of Fengshui Vaasthu & Other Remedies

Fengshui and vaasthu principles are widely accepted today. Fengshui is very simple to practice as it does not require any demolishing the walls or structure of the buildings. Read More >>

Department of Correspondence Studies & Training Programs

Knowledge always helps a person in any profession. Career growth and success in every person’s life is very important today. Read More >>

Department of Religious & Spiritual Study

India is rich in Spiritual Wisdom. India and the Indian Spiritual Masters are the leaders of the world’s unconditioned love, Peace and bliss. Indian scriptures like  Bagawad Gita, Upanishads, Vedas, Puranas,  Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutrams and many many valuable Wisdom are meant for the entire population of the Universe . Read More >>

Arts & Paintings

Since 1997 Nagaraj Positive, The artist of Kerala, started exhibiting his works receiving great appreciation from eminent personalities. All of his Paintings are a celebration to the walls of homes and offices.

Department of Reiki Healing & Crystal Therapy

Human Auras, Chakras and Benefits of Crystals are very popular today. Kirlian camera is famous for Auric photography. Since 2003 Nagaraj Positive’s Reiki Healing classes has immensely benefitted many. Read More >>

Yoga & Meditation

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation need no explanation as they have become universally accepted. Nagaraj Positive’s  Positive Thinking and Meditation Classes  has reached thousands and very much benefitted.

Department of Counselling and Personality Development

Listening alone cannot help. There are certain simple techniques, but very powerful and effective way in helping adults and students overcome their challenges in life. Read More >>

Department of Books, Publications & CD’S

Many Guided Meditation CD’s released and new titles are in the making. Please visit our product details for better Health, Wealth and Prosperity. Read More >>

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