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Obedience !

"My Father is a very obedient Man" , Said a 10 year old boy., The proud boy looked at his Teacher's face. "Then , Why you Son of an Obedient Father , Not in the least Obedient", asked the Teacher ! "Because , iam following my Mother, Who is disobedient to my Father", said the Boy. Then the Boy continued, "You Teacher only taught us Student's , "Matha Pitha Guru Deivam". So, i respect My Mother first, "then only" [...]

Super Strength !

He ate it., It was a new kind of Fruit , he found in the Forest. It was very tasty. The Fruit looked Bright Red., So, his Lip's and Tongue turned to Red in Colour.....Suddently , he was Shivering. He started jumping up and down. He felt his Death is near. It must be a Poisonous Fruit. In a short while, he fell unconscious......After an hour, he woke up feeling Very Fresh and Energetic ! He was happy, he [...]

Clever Ever !

Clever One's Win's ! Once an Arrogant Prince made a bet with a Saint (Sanyasi), Who was leading a peaceful life with his disciples in the middle of a Forest. The Prince came inside the Forest hunting and met this Saint and his Ashram. The Saint and his disciples welcomed the Prince with Love and Respect., He was given the best food and a comfortable Straw Bed to rest. The Prince stayed for 3 day's and before leaving , [...]

Sathyagraha !

"Sathya = Truth", "Graha = Grasp", Grasping the Truth is "Sathyagraha" ! Pre Independence of Indian History, Britisher's levied tax on Salt, hitting Common Man's Stomach. Thus , Our beloved Father, Gandhiji made a "Salt Sathyagraha" by Distilling Salt from the sea water. Many thousand's joined the strike and those Dirty  Britisher's , Who just came for doing business in India, arrested the entire group !......There was a time in Rome, Where the Sea is very far away, Every [...]

Evanikku Enna Balam !

Walk like a Lion and climb the branch. From the branch , reach the sky. My name is Nagaraj Positive. With me are the entire people of the Universe. Nobody has seen anybody's strength , anybody's good quality ! In you is Super Strength., Taste it ! I need only Unconditional Love, throughout my Life !.......There were 3 Sister's during a period of Maharaja. "Edge, God and Out" were there names. These Sister's belonged to a Rich Family and each one [...]

One Day…….

One day , near a Jungle , a Man was about to be eaten by an Hungry Lion. As the Lion approached roaring and said , "Hey, You Weak Human Being, Me the King, So Strong and Healthy, going to have you as my breakfast" !....The Man immediately kneeled before the Lion and pleaded, "Oh ! Mighty Lion .... Your Majesty, Spare Me , Iam just a Skinny Man with very less meat and it won't fill your Large [...]

Drama !

"Kaavyathalaivan" is a Tamil Film starring Bharath, Prithviraj, Nazar in lead roles. The Film takes us to a period , When there is only "Drama" as Entertainment. No Cinemas entered in People's Life. Such an idea of a Screen, Light and Show was not in the least known to those period People's Time Pass ! But, how much of Realistic Like Images in the background, Painted by Eminent Artists , relating to the scenes acted by the Drama Actor's [...]

Very Cheap !

"Vilichuvaruthi Elayum Vilambiyittu Bakshanam Ella...." meaning "After calling for a Feast , then plate is kept , but No Food Served" is a common saying in Malayalam for not someone keeping his/her word's !.....Some year's back, Exactly same happened for a Wedding Feast of a Rich Man's Daughter. He went and went, called all the Politician's, Business People, All Friend's and Relative's etc etc. On the Wedding day , Some 40 thousand Human's came to Bless the Couple's. Lunch [...]

In The Future !

In Tamilnadu, a Huge Film Star's Daughter getting Divorced. Already the case registered with the Court. Getting Married with all Pomp and Glory with So much Of Precious Money Spend for this Single Occassion and Very Soon , Very Easily getting Divorced has become a Common among the Rich or the Poor !.....Once in a Forest , there Lived a Hen and its 8 Chicks. One among the Chicks was very Naughty and one day the Naughty Chick got [...]

Man’s Imagination !

Out of Poverty, Someone might have written a story like this. Actually , Everybody wants some "Miracle Cure" to happen in their Life for Health, Wealth & Prosperity ! Iam remembering an Old Bed Time Story , Where a Small Boy of may be 10 year's of Age, Were living in Poverty and their only Family Asset was a Donkey. So, in no other way , One day, the Boy was asked to sell the Donkey in the Market [...]