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Adi Shankara in his review of the “Mundaka Upanishad”, States “OM” as a “Symbolism for Atman (Soul, Self ) ! So, “OM” is a “Tool for Meditation”, Empowering one to know the “God Within Oneself, To Realize One’s Atman (Soul, Self ) ! “OM” is the “Sacred Sound” = “Imperishable and Immutable” ! Let us Meditate on “OM”, the essence of all beings is earth, the essence of earth is water, the essence of water are the plants, the essence of plants is man, the essence of man is speech, the essence of speech is the Rig Veda, the essence of the Rig Veda is the Sama Veda, and the essence of Sama Veda is the “Divine Song”, “OM” ! Speech and Breath find themselves together and mate to produce Song ! The Highest Song is “OM”, to inspire the “Good Inclinations within each person, that with which One Is Liberated” ! “OM” (AUM) corresponds to the “Creative Powers Of The Universe” ! “OM” stands for the “Whole Of Veda”, Which is Mysterious and Inexhaustable ! “OM” is the Ultimate Reality, Entirety of the Universe, Truth, Divine, Supreme Spirit, Cosmic Principles and Wisdom ! “OM” is the Symbol for the “Perfected Spiritual Man” !!!!…..”OM” is the primordial sound associated with the “Creation Of The Universe From Nothing” !!!!!!


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