Gayathri Manthram

Gayathri Manthram


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Dear One, We must see the “Truth” and do our Whole Duty on our Journey to the “Sacred Seat” of Almighty God ! We must Return ! We must Return to Whom, Who gave Sustenance to the Universe ! Let us “Meditate” on the Excellent Glory of the “Divine Sun”, the “True Golden Light” , Who inspire’s our “Intelligence” ! Sun (Savitri) is the Vehicle , Who represents the “Source and Inspiration of the Universe” ! So , We “Meditate” on the “Adorable Glory” of the Radiant Sun ! “Gayathri Manthra” also called as “Savitri Manthra” to invoke Savitr (Sun), Who bestow’s on us Wisdom , leading to “Enlightenment” ! So, We “Meditate” on the “Infinite Glory” of the “Divine Light”, that inspire’s our “Real Understanding” of Almight God , Within us ! “The Golden Light in us, Enlightening our Mind’s” ! Divine Sun, the God – Head , Who Illuminates All , Who Recreates All , from Whom All proceed , to Whom All must return , to our “Holy Seat” ! Thus, “Gayathri Mantrha” , Enlighten our Understanding and make us Progress inside our “True Sun” , hidden by a “Vase of Golden Light” ! Worshipable Power and Glory of Almighty God , Who has created the Earth, the nether World and the Heaven’s (ie, the Universe) , Within us it”Self ” !…..Let us be Blessed by Jai Guru Brahmarshi Vishwamitra, Who gave us this “Glorious Understanding and Wisdom” as ‘Sun is Our Vehicle’ to “Enlightenment” !!!!……Let us Chant from our Heart , “Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swah, Tath Savithur Varenyam, Bhargo Dhevasya Dhimahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodhayath” !!!!! …. Jai Nagaraj Positive


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