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Love is a Medicine., A Natural Medicine. God is Love., God is Unconditional ! Nature is Love., There is Only Love , in a Flowing River and the Blowing Wind ! A Flower is Only Love and Every Tree, Dancing in the Breeze is Only but Love . Every Sand is an Attraction of Magnetic Love. Earth is Love., That is Gravitational Love. Sun and the Moon as Day and Night is the Light of Love. Music of the Rain is Love. Dancing of the Bamboo is a Song of Love. Bird’s Singing Love and the Butterflies spread Divine Love., So are the Fire Fly’s Emitting Love Of Light in the Darkness of Night ! And So are the Shining Star’s up above the Sky as “Blinking Eyes Of Almighty God” ! Music of the Waves is the Love of the Ocean ! Snow is the Coolest of Love ! And Fire is the Warmth of Love ! Fruits are the Gift’s and Green Vegetables also Gift’s of Love. Born Babies are the First Unconditional Love., Babies are God’s Love Only. Love is God., God is Love. Only Love is Real., Only “Unconditioned Love” is the Real and Only Real Love is Almighty God in our Pure Heart. Air is Love., Breath is Love. Our Heart Pumps “Only Love” in our Whole Body ! Then , Our Body is Love. Soul in our Body is Only Love., Only Real Love ! Only Love is Real ! Only Love is Real ! Love is Unconditional Peace and Bliss ! Only Love is Real Ecstasy ! Only Love is Real ! Only Love is Real !!!!!.


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