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“A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed” ! Musical theme Writer and Editor is He., Making Royal Music , Fit for any King., Like Flower’s bring Sweetest Fragrance., All the Bird’s Singing in the Background ! In each Heart Whoever Loves Him, Shall find a Holy Home , because he “Love’s Everyone Unconditionally” ! He is your “Best Friend” and take away from you , Both Weakness and Sin ! He is a Story Teller. His Life itself like a “King Of Glory”. He is “So Innocent” as a Child like a Child like you were once ! He shows you , How Pure and Holy are we., His “Meditation’s” are Love and Mercy., He plays the Sweetest Songs for you. Because He is your “Best Friend”. He Love’s you very much “Unconditionally” ! He always keeps his word , “I am For The People, Of The People and By The People” ! His “Painting’s” promise “His hands are kind hands , doing good to all ! He is a “Psychologist Friend” , Healing Pain and Suffering., Washing away “Stress and Strain” ! Make you “Strong and Gentle” like a “Bamboo” ! Now the “Dark” has passed away in “His Presence” ! He is the “Best Friend” for “Little Children” also , Always., His Love will never die ! “Unlike our Material Friend’s , Who change with changing years., But, this Friend Of Yours , Lovingly and Affectionately called as “Nagaraj Positive” is always Worthy., The Precious Name He bears ! A Good “Spiritual Friend is He ! He Pray’s all the time “For Everyone Be Happy” ! “Every Home be Peaceful and Joyful” , He always “Meditates” ! A “Crown Of Brightest Glory” , He Blesses on Everyone and all those Who Seek His Favor ! “Jai” means “Victory” ! “Palm’s Of Victory For Everyone” ! And bids you Shine with a Pure , Clear Light of Wisdom ! So, You can shine in this World of Darkness through his “Pearls Of Wisdom”., A Treasure that Shall never Weary ! His words full of kindness and His Deeds Full of Grace ! All in the Love – Light of “Nagaraj Positive’s Face ! “Take his Hand And Ever Keep him Close To You ! “Never leave him or forsake him ! He lead’s you, become Wiser and Stronger. Because , He is your “True Friend” !!!!!……”To all Humble Heart’s, My Thankful Heart !!!!!


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