This is Nagaraj Positive, one and only multifaceted multi talented speciality from Kerala which is the only `Gods own Country` of the World. Nagaraj Positive who is born and brought up at Kollam , a beautiful landscape in Kerala which is near Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala which is in India .India is the spiritual land of the Universe. Nagaraj Positive , the founder director of Positive Thinking centre which is located at Thirumullavaram , Kollam 12 , Kerala is also a great contemporary artist , counselling psychologist and a wonderful meditation expert with specialisation in reiki healing as well. Nagaraj Positive ,the reiki master teacher as is said also a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and an educationist of high talent and with full of divine vibrations. Nagaraj Positive and his paintings are a treat to the eyes and heart of a viewer or a listener.

His positive thinking and meditation classes are a touch of its own and a classic of the Universe. Nagaraj Positive has a quality of ever imbibing knowledge which is his natural nature of continuous learnings. Nagaraj positive had his studies and trainings from University of Kerala, Mahatma Gandhi University of kottayam, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, IGNOU, Annamalai University, Sri Ramachandra University, Bharathidasan University, Madurai Kamaraj University, The Global Open University Nagaland, and many other International Universities and reputed institutes. He is still continuing his studies.

Nagaraj Positive’s positive thinking centre has 9 departments which are his own brain child’s. Nagaraj Positive is also a member with National and International Associations and Organizations. To know more about him and his training programs please refer the complete prospectus. Nagaraj Positive is a great writer and what a poet is he ! He has published books and released meditation cd’s. He is the editor- in -chief for the monthly magazine Shubha Jeevanam.